Nilex’s wire-formed retaining wall system offers a more affordable alternative to concrete for various grade change requirements. The system can be used in a wide variety of commercial, industrial, residential, and transportation projects, as well as unique situations such as scour environments or pressure relief applications.

The wire-formed retaining wall system can adapt to a variety of project conditions, design requirements, and aesthetic options (finished facing options can include stone, shotcrete, and vegetation). The unique wire forms ease installation and help speed up construction. The system’s resistance to environmental degradation, low maintenance, and design versatility help make it the right choice for almost any retaining wall application.


The SierraScape Wire-Formed Retaining Wall System is a cost-effective alternative to conventional retaining wall systems, and is the only wire-formed retaining wall system with a positive connection between the wire form and geogrid reinforcement...

Don’t wait until the retaining wall is built to consider fence requirements. As a pre-engineered/pre-designed system, Sleeve-It is a proven fence post integration device designed to reduce specifier liability and associated costs with building-code compliance. Using the system as part of the...


The Port Mann/Highway 1 improvement is a $2.5 billion project which included the construction of the new Port Mann Bridge, widening of Highway 1, replacing nine highway interchanges and improving safety. The project spanned a distance of approximately 37 kilometres from Vancouver to…


Get FREE access now! Using the Nilex ECO2 Calculator, you can calculate the economic savings and environmental benefits achieved by implementing our engineered geosynthetic materials – geogrids and geotextiles – in any road construction design versus conventional materials and methods.