Nilex’s vegetated Reinforced Steepened Slopes (RSS) solution provides the flexibility to build any slope angle, allowing designers to strike a balance between the use of valuable land and the cost savings found in building a non-vertical grade separation system. It is a complete and fully integrated MSE system, with each mechanical component working together to provide optimum efficiency in a variety of challenging site and loading conditions.

The reinforced soil slope system significantly reduces material and installation costs by virtually eliminating limitations imposed by soil conditions, minimizing fill requirements, and allowing the use of on-site fills. Nilex’s RSS system allows native vegetation to be planted on its face that easily blends in with the natural terrain, often making it indistinguishable from the surrounding landscape and can be combined with other MSE wall systems to create a dramatic and cost effective solution.

ECOWrap - Reinforced Low Height Walls
ECOSlope - Reinforced Turf Slope Stabilization
ECOCell - Reinforced Walls Based On Cell Structures
ECOGreen - Reinforced Medium Height Walls With Vegetation


The most cost effective and environmentally conscience grade separation solution is a 45 degree slope. In applications where narrow property lines are not a concern, building a 1:1 green slope using Nilex’s RSS system gives you a naturally vegetated slope that blends seamlessly into the...

Conventional site planning wisdom often held that if a natural (2:1 to 3:1) slope wouldn’t fit, the answer was to go vertical. Nilex provides new options for site grading challenges with reinforced soil slope solutions. Steeper vegetated slopes are often a great choice around water and...



Trepanier Island View Development is a subdivision in the heart of Peachland, British Columbia, a small community located on the shore of the Okanagan Lake, surrounded by orchards, vineyards, and valleys…


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