The required aggregate layer thickness of unpaved surfaces – particularly in heavy equipment yards and industrial working areas – is primarily dependent on axle loads, vehicle passes and subgrade strength. Weak subgrades combined with heavy wheel loads and intense traffic will cause unpaved surfaces to quickly rut, pothole and deteriorate.

Nilex can provide cost effective alternatives to traditional construction methods that will help reduce aggregate thickness while preserving the quality of the unpaved surface and reducing the frequency of surface maintenance.


From yards to haul roads to major roadways, Nilex’s geogrids provide a proven solution to base reinforcement and road surface optimization. Road structures can fail prematurely due to the lateral displacement and weakening of base course aggregate. The structural strength provided by...

Often poor subgrade soils do not possess the strength to support road construction activities and the subsequent intended traffic loads. Nilex’s roadway reinforcement and stabilization materials maximize load distribution and increase the effective bearing capacity of the subgrade to help...


The second P3 project for the Northwest Anthony Henday Ring Road in Edmonton stretches from Yellowhead Trail east to Manning Drive. Con-Force Concrete Products was contracted to build 220 Concrete NU BridgeGirders, with the largest being 2.75 m in height and 55 m long. Included on the 21…


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