Turbidity is a measure of water clarity and is effected by land disturbance activities such as construction, exploration and mining. Turbidity solutions are designed to prevent the spread of silt and sediment in bodies of water when work is being performed in, on or near the shoreline, or in water.


HydroTurf is an engineered revetment solution specifically designed to provide armoring of hydraulic structures against high velocity and shear stress. It offers the aesthetics of vegetation combined with better performance than traditional hard armor. It is also significantly less costly than...

Turbidity or floating silt curtains are flexible sediment control barriers designed to prevent the spread of silt and sediment in lakes and other water bodies when work is being performed in water, or on or near the shoreline. Constructed of permeable or non-permeable material, the Turbidity...


The Elbow River is located in southern Alberta, Canada. It flows from the Canadian Rockies to the City of Calgary where it merges into the Bow River. The river is popular among canoers, rafters, campers and hikers with some sections of the river closed to fishing…


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