Nilex offers a wide range of services to support the diverse needs of our customers. We can support your company or project with professional design support, distribution and fabrication of materials and project management services. We are always open to exploring partnership opportunities to help your organization develop a new product, new market or business opportunity. We thrive on new and unique challenges.


Nilex provides geomembrane installation services for liner containment systems and tank lining as well as installation for erosion control and drainage applications, and other projects where geosynthetics and geo-environmental products are utilized. The specialized nature of these technologies have provided the unique opportunity for Nilex to develop technical skills, build and acquire specialized equipment and train qualified technical staff required to carry out these geosynthetic installation services.

Nilex works as a subcontractor, general contractor or joint venture partner, all depending on the project’s size, the nature of the work and owners requirements. Nilex is fully equipped to handle the execution of any size project involving geosynthetics, whether local or international. Some of the products we install include:

  • Fabriform fabric formed concrete
  • Geo-Cel cellular confinement system
  • Geomembrane liners
  • ArmorFlex articulating precast concrete blocks
  • Geotextiles (Woven and Nonwoven)
  • Geogrids (Biaxial and Triaxial)
  • Geocomposite


Accidental punctures, tears and other damage to geomembranes can be caused by weather, trapped gasses and shifts in subgrade. We provide the following services to prolong the lifespan of geomembrane liners:

  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Leak Detection
  • Testing

Contact us at 1.800.667.4811 for more information about our Maintenance & Repair services or fill out our Request a Quote/Information form.


Nilex provides professional design and engineering support for all of our applications to help customers utilize Nilex technology and increase project quality and life expectancy while reducing costs. We have a professional in-house technical design team that partners with engineers, contractors and owners to optimize the economic and environmental value of virtually any civil, industrial or resource based project.


Save time on your project by utilizing Nilex’s custom fabrication offerings.

Nilex provides complete custom fabrication and conversion capabilities for all geosynthetics products and applications. Many geosynthetics products require fabrication or conversion prior to being deployed or installed in the field. Nilex offers an efficient fabrication facility featuring:

Geomembrane Seaming

  • Pre-fabricated Liners
  • RPE, PVC, EnviroFlex LLDPE
  • Up to 200′ x 200′ available for most polymers
  • Stock sizes available


  • Dewatering Bags (custom sizes)
  • Silt Curtains
  • Geotextile Rolls
  • Pipe Sock (3″ – 20″)

Other Items

  • Silt Fence (master rolls available)
  • Roll cutting

Collaboration of project items available – Contact Us!


Nilex offers project management services in each of our key applications. We have the expertise, experience and people to manage projects specializing in geosynthetics contracting, installation, production, research and development and engineering design support.

Our staff includes a team of professionals dedicated to MSE Walls & Slopes and the availability of certified Erosion and Sediment Control Specialists.


Nilex success is based on a history of partnerships ranging from successful supplier relationships to group research efforts in product development and R&D focused on new technologies. Nilex is involved in P3 partnerships and realizes the benefits of pursuing team investments to meet or exceed productivity levels.

If you are interested in consulting with Nilex on a potential business/partnership opportunity contact our Edmonton office.