Erosion Control Blankets and Coir Mattresses help restore a community amenity that had fallen into disuse.

Draper City chose to invest in the rehabilitation of a stormwater pond for the Sunset Homes community so it could function as a fishing pond and community attraction. Crews were asked to use a different mix of erosion control products to help this improvement stand out from others.


Draper City, Utah


  • Erosion Control Blankets

Project Partners

  • Owner: Draper City
  • Consultant: Bio-West
  • Contractor: Redoubt
  • Completion Date: September 2016


As part of a larger animal refuge and walking trail area, access to this pond was narrow and challenging for crews. The banks had eroded and were muddy from the stormwater that drains into this collector. A final challenge was moving away from proven, more familiar designs to incorporate the coir mattresses that give this pond a clean and functional look.


Soil lifts are the first step in the rehabilitation of banks like those at Sunset Pond, which have eroded and become muddy. Once lifts were completed, there were several options for stabilizing the perimeter of the pond, which was approximately 1,400 linear feet. Ten-foot-long interlocking coir mattresses were chosen for their strength and relative ease of use. They work well with the North American Green C125 Erosion Control Blanket, which has a coconut fiber matrix in a double-net design of top and bottom biodegradeable weaves. The combination had to fit the installation crew’s tight three week window from bid to completion. Nilex was able to work on site with installation crews.


The pond required two soil lifts, for a total of 2,800 linear feet of coir mattress and 30 rolls of erosion control blanket. Despite the narrow access for transporting material and equipment to site, a crew of seven was able to complete the work in three days. They used a skid steer and large excavator for the soil lifts, but were able to position the erosion control products by hand, as they were lightweight and easy to manoeuver. Nilex worked with the manufacturer and consultant during the design phase, and was on site to assist with product unloading and installation training with the contractor crew. Working together, the project team was able to succeed with a new design approach.


The residents of the Sunset Homes community in Draper City, Utah, have regained a stormwater pond that can now function as a family-friendly amenity that improves property values. The client’s desire to pursue a solution with new products led to a superior result.


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