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Stormwater Management


As stormwater is absorbed into the ground it replenishes aquifers and flows into streams and rivers. In developed areas, impervious surfaces prevent stormwater from naturally infiltrating into the ground and the runoff water can cause stream bank erosion, habitat destruction, infrastructure damage and downstream flooding. Nilex's stormwater mangagement solutions are meant to mimic the natural hydrology of pre-construction (natural state) to post-construction by utilizing Low Impact Development (LID) techniques.


Rain Gardens

A rain garden is used as a Low Impact Development (LID) stormwater management solution which promotes evapotranspiration. Rain gardens are designed to withstand the extremes of moisture and concentration of nutrients that are found in stormwater runoff. On the surface, it is an attractive...


Bioswales are designed to maximize the amount of time water spends in the swale, which aids in removing pollutants and silt from surface runoff water. Bioswales are commonly used in parking lots and passive gardens...

Infiltration / Detention System

Infiltration/Detention Systems are used as extra water storage capacity. They are designed to manage excess volumes of water to infiltrate into the ground, or discharge, at a given rate into the stormwater infrastructure...

Parking / Roadway Drainage

Roadway and parking drainage allows for rapid removal of water from the surface into a controlled storage capacity directly below the surface. An effective solution, such as PaveDrain, will result in quick stormwater management through high infiltration rates...

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Stormwater Management

A new Enterprise Rent-A-Car location being built in Prince George, British Columbia was looking for an innovative solution to control stormwater. Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an international car rental company with more than 7,000 neighborhood and airport locations throughout North America and...

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ECO₂ Calculator

Get FREE access now! Using the Nilex ECO2 Calculator, you can calculate the economic and environmental benefits when using geosynthetic materials versus conventional methods. This includes project cost savings, total CO2 emissions and percentage CO2 savings.

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ECO₂ Calculator


I want to thank you for getting things organized as quickly as you did for us and for the follow up calls and site visits that allowed us to get this work done and meet our schedule dates for the road work. As well, your product knowledge and ability to provide the technical support when dealing with the consultants was a major help in getting the system approved and installed correctly.

Bob T, Project Manager, MGP Construction Ltd.

Not only was there a substantial cost savings realized by the client, there was also a benefit to the road structure as well. The original design road structure number was 3.780 and a calculated traffic (ESALs) of 2,147,000. The revised road structure number using the TX5 is 4.260 and a calculated traffic (ESALs) of 4,593,000.

Jim B, C.E.T., Senior Project Manager, WSP Canada Inc.

Nilex was an invaluable asset in the successful completion of the Troutbrooke Drive Slope Stabilization project in Toronto, by providing engineering assistance, installation training and continuous on and off site technical support.

Terraprobe Engineering

The CULTEC system was simple to install. We will be recommending, and looking forward to using the Cultec system for future projects.

Kang Construction

We love you guys for getting this project [Energy Environmental Experiential Learning (EEEL) Building Grounds] completed in the timelines required.

S. Chan, EllisDon

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