Biaxial Geogrids & Geotextiles provide a stable foundation over Muskeg for road development.

The Leismer Lodge is located four kilometers away from the plant site and eight kilometers from the Town of Conklin, Alberta. This lodge houses workers engaged in the construction and operations of the Leismer lease of StatoilHydro. With an eventual capacity of 600 people traveling to the lodge for construction and operation of the plant, an access road needed to be constructed to withstand heavy traffic.


Conklin, Alberta


  • Biaxial (BX) Geogrids
  • Woven and High Strength Woven Geotextiles
  • Biaxial (BX) Geogrids – USA

Project Partners

  • Owner: Statoil
  • Consultant: Fleming Cats
  • Completion Date: October 2008


The terrain consists of Muskeg which is very wet, has various depths, and does not have a high load bearing capacity – making it difficult for equipment to get to the site. Undercutting would have been very costly, therefore we needed to develop a working platform between the Muskeg and the road that allowed for differential settlement.


Nilex recommended using BX1100 geogrid and woven geotextile. When weak subgrade conditions are encountered, Biaxial geogrids are used to provide a temporary road surface or a stable foundation for a permanent road. Biaxial geogrids work much like a snowshoe to distribute loads over a wider area.

Nilex woven geotextiles are often used for separation and stabilization in the construction of roads. The woven geotextile’s separation action prevents the mixing of dissimilar soils allowing each soil layer in the road structure to function as intended. The high tensile strength and low elongation properties of woven geotextiles impart stability into the road section reducing rutting and extending roadway life.


Nilex was able to save the client money by not having to undercut the entire road then bring in fill to the grade they would require. By installing BX1100 geogrids and woven textiles into the road structure, the subgrade was enhanced, creating a solid base for heavy traffic leading into the plant site, and minimizing the amount of maintenance required to maintain the road.


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