Gas operation benefits from the conversion of a single-liner system to a double-liner with leak detection monitoring.

Extensive gas operations near the North Saskatchewan River in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, are understandably closely regulated. To help the client remain well above compliance requirements and expand their leak detection capabilities, Nilex implemented the consultant’s designs and worked cooperatively with the other site trades to ensure quality installation.


Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta


  • Nilex High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Geomembranes

Project Partners

  • Consultant: Associated Engineering
  • Contractor: Nilex (General Contractor)
  • Completion Date: October 2016


Pond liner products, industry testing and installation expertise have all expanded significantly since the first storage cells were created on this Fort Saskatchewan site 25 years ago. Despite these advances, the client was understandably concerned about new liner work given some other disappointing examples they had encountered previously. Designs for a new system called for a conductive liner that would help detect small leaks general Quality Control tests might miss. Working with an existing liner offers challenges for crews, including puddles that form on it and must be worked around when welding seams in the new liner.


As General Contractor for this project, Nilex was able to offer extensive product knowledge, experienced installation crews and a proven track record of working with other on-site trades, third-party Quality Assurance and third-party Design Engineers. In addition to the conductive testing called for in the design, Nilex was able to offer an additional test method: Acoustic.

Testing of the original liner showed that it was in good condition and able to continue to act as the secondary containment liner. The new conductive HDPE liner could then be installed overtop, allowing a leak detection system that supports continuous monitoring.


As anticipated, installing on top of an existing liner required skill and ingenuity to deal with issues like water puddles and wrinkling from an uneven original subgrade. A flotation device was used to assist with welding the new liner when the puddles were particularly challenging.

Nilex had a full-time on-site project manager for this installation, as well as a safety coordinator and site superintendent, in addition to subcontractors and the Nilex crew. The installation of all components took 65 days, well within the original estimate despite occasional weather delays. The liner and Geonet portion of the work was completed in 25 days, with a crew of 12.


The ability of the Nilex team to provide acoustic liner seal testing, continuous site project management and on-site technical support resulted in a streamlined project with no delays. The client was satisfied with the continuous monitoring system, and has described the quality as “exceptional.” They’ve also remarked on the “invaluable” prompt responsiveness to requests, technical queries, and issues encountered during the work. The site will benefit from a reliable long-life primary containment pond backed by secondary containment and top-quality monitoring.


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