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For grade separation projects with roadways and highways, Nilex can provide solutions that meet flexibility requirements, aesthetic needs, and/or sustainability objectives. Our systems are engineered and can meet the most stringent highway design codes. Multiple systems from a single source help optimize the grade separation requirements for your project.

Roadways Products


Gabions are wire mesh baskets or mattresses filled with stone. Gabion baskets are often used to stabilize slopes, armor pipe outlet structures or construct retaining walls. Gabion walls are permeable, strong, flexible, and often able to tolerate differential settlement. Gabion walls are...


“We are very pleased with the Armorflex product on this project for what we see to date. The product satisfied our needs for armoring and channel section reduction. The proof will be in the next major event. We anticipate it to be aesthetically enhanced and safer for the end user. We have no hesitation in using it again for similar applications and we are glad to have been contacted by Nilex to make the change.”

Sandy C., Civil Engineer, Parks Canada

We anticipate the savings over the next 50 years of not having upkeep, maintenance, fertilizer and everything else associated with natural grass is going to be a lot of money in the bank. We know that we’re going to save hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money.

Scott Eckstein, Mayor, City of Bloomfield

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