Provision for adequate drainage is of paramount importance in road design and cannot be overemphasized. The presence of excess water or moisture within the roadway will adversely affect the engineering properties of the materials with which it was designed. The destructive effect of flowing water increases as its velocity increases impacting the quality of the road. An efficient drainage system allows water to flow away from the roads cross-section as quickly as possible by reducing, or eliminating, the amount of flowing water.


Sub-surface drainage systems should be utilized in areas where soil is unable to drain quickly on its own. Highways, paved roads, gravel roads, parking lots and laneways require sub-surface drainage in order to remove water that can accumulate under the surface after rainfall which can lead to...


IKO Industries, recently completed the expansion of their existing shingle manufacturing plant in Calgary. As part of this expansion, the City of Calgary mandated the development of a stormwater pond on-site to manage the stormwater run-off…


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