Prefabricated system enhances drainage and venting.

In April 2009, the City of St. Albert opened the first phase of the Riel Recreation Park Redevelopment which included a new high-end artificial turf multipurpose field.


St. Albert, Alberta


  • Multi-Flow™

Project Partners

  • Consultant: Associated Engineers
  • Contractor: In-Line Contractors
  • Completion Date: 2009


The recreation park was formerly a dry waste landfill site from 1976 to 1986. A system was needed to allow for quick drainage under heavy rainfall conditions, while at the same time allowing for unobstructed venting of methane gas potentially generated below the ground surface.


To address these challenges, Nilex technical service staff recommended a 6” Multi-Flow™ strip drain combined with a nonwoven geotextile for the project. The strip drain provides a clear, highly efficient pathway for the flow of water and gases in a compact structure with high compressive strength. The permeable nature of the Nilex nonwoven geotextile provides separation of the materials used in the field’s construction while virtually eliminating the potentially harmful build-up of gases generated by the former land-filling activities, providing significant environmental and long term economic advantages for the municipality.


The Nilex nonwoven geotextile was placed on the prepared subgrade of the entire field, including lining the drainage trenches running the length of both sides of the field. Nilex Multi-Flow strip drain was placed directly on the nonwoven geotextile in a herring-bone pattern. The ends of the strip drain were terminated into the drainage trenches. A layer of gravel was placed on the geotextile liner and strip drain followed by an artificial grass surface.


Since opening in early 2009, the Riel Recreation Park has become home to countless minor football, soccer, rugby and lacrosse activities. The technical advantages of Nilex drainage products have ensured proper drainage and venting on the playing field.


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