Leslie Street and 19th Avenue gets a much needed reconstruction.

The Region of York was undertaking the reconstruction of the intersection at Leslie Street and 19th Avenue in Richmond Hill, Ontario, including installing a traffic circle and widening Leslie Street, south of the new traffic circle.

On behalf of York Region, WSP reached out to Nilex to design a solution for an area with poor subgrade conditions due to soft soils and a high ground water table.


Richmond Hill, ON


  • EasyGrid

Project Partners

  • Owner: Region of York
  • Consultant: WSP & Thurber Engineering
  • Contractor: Dufferin Construction
  • Completion Date: July 2018


High ground water and soft subgrade soils at the southern project limit resulted in delays to the project. A rapid solution was required.

The conventional solution would be to excavate the soft subgrade soil and replace with crusher run aggregate. Due to high ground water conditions encountered above the design subgrade elevation, over-excavation of the subgrade and replacement was determined to be not practical and an alternative solution was required, making Nilex’s EasyGrid geocomposite geogrid the perfect product for the job.


Nilex recommended EasyGrid as the project required a geotextile as a separation layer, along with a biaxial geogrid as a reinforcement layer. EasyGrid was also a great solution because the two materials are heat bonded together in one easy to install roll which helps reduce overall construction costs due to significant labour and time savings.


Installation is simple and quick with EasyGrid since the BX geogrid and geotextile are combined into one roll. Eight rolls (3.95m x 45m) of EasyGrid Type 4-150GC were installed, for a total of 1,400m2. This area was covered in one day by four labourers.

Once the area was subexcavated and the subgrade prepared, the area was covered with EasyGrid, then topped with a granular subbase. The subbase fill was end-dumped and then spread using a small dozer and finally compacted by a roller.


Nilex met with the client on site, then prepared a preliminary design based upon site specific information. The design was submitted to the Region for review and acceptance by their engineering consultants.

The use of EasyGrid removed the need for the client to order the subexcavation of soft subgrade soils and replace with an engineered fill. This was a cost and time savings when compared to the traditional solution.


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