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Royal Alberta Museum Stormwater Chambers

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Nilex stormwater chambers fit into a small footprint without compromising on storage capacity.

The Royal Alberta Museum was building its signature building, a 340 million dollar project, in Edmonton’s downtown core, which required an underground stormwater containment system to manage runoff and ensure adequate drainage for the new museum grounds. 


Edmonton, AB

Project Partners

Owner: Province of Alberta
Consultant: Williams Engineering
Contractor: CKB Construction
Completion Date: October 2015


The chosen stormwater management system needed to fit into a very small footprint as the space on the new site was limited. The footprint for the system was directly underneath the main driveway for the Museum and the space could only be shut down for one day for installation of the stormwater management system.


Nilex's recommended the stormwater chamber system for a number of reasons. First, the system comes ready to install with no labour intensive site assembly required. Second, the system could be stacked, with multiple layers of storage on top of each other, allowing for a smaller footprint on the museum grounds. Finally, speed of installation – once the excavation was finished and the liner in the ground, a crew of four, with a small backhoe,
was able to complete the installation in less than one day.

Twelve chambers (consisting of two tiers) were installed and separated by drainage aggregate. The footprint was 10.66 square meters giving the system 34.66mof storage capacity, meeting the client’s requirements.


Because of the small footprint and the large amount of stormwater detention required, the stormwater system was installed in two tiers. Allowing for a smaller footprint with a deeper excavation. The excavation took place the night before, along with the liner installation and the placement of the first lift of drainage aggregate. In the morning, a crew of four began unloading and installing the stormwater chambers, six hours was all it took to install both tiers.


Nilex provided the design and layout of the system, along with all the products required to install the system properly. We conducted pre-construction meetings with the contractor before the installation began and had Nilex staff (including experienced installers) present during the install to provide technical assistance and supervise the entire installation.


The Nilex Advantage

Nilex is committed to unearthing better results. Whether it’s for a civil, resource or environmental project, we offer the latest engineered and technically superior materials and techniques to save our customers time and money, and minimize the need to move or remove earth, and reduce the need for granular materials.

With over 35 years experience, a long-standing commitment to the environment and highly qualified staff, Nilex delivers the products and technologies that give clients an economic advantage with environmental benefit.

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