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Innovating Stormwater Management with StormBrixx

Introduction The Nilex Advantage

In recent years, a fundamental component of managing stormwater in the construction industry is the implementation of underground detention systems.  Due to increased land cost, contractors and engineers are shifting from the traditional ponds towards underground systems.  This challenge was critical when designing and engineering the TruStile Doors new Denver headquarters.  Through the collective efforts of Nilex, Ware Malcomb, and Adam’s County, the stormwater challenge was solved utilizing ACO StormBrixx. 

(ACO StormBrixx is a modular stormwater system manufactured from recyclable polypropylene.  The unique construction of the StormBrixx pieces allow for a wide variety of applications. )

For the TruStile project, the key challenge was the limited space on the job-site for stormwater management.  From a design perspective, this was solved due to the available storage of StormBrixx.  With a void ratio of 95%, StormBrixx is able to minimize the area footprint compared to other underground systems while still holding the water capacity required.  The reduced footprint allowed the full detention system to be placed underneath the parking lot.  Another challenge was meeting water quality regulations.  Partnering the StormBrixx system with Hydrodynamic Separators upstream and an outfall structure downstream, the project was able to achieve the 30mg/L affluent water quality requirement. Ware Malcomb said about the system, “The TruStile site had space, earthwork and overhead utility constraints that made a lot of typical detention and water quality treatment measures not practical. The innovative use of StormBrixx and Hydrodynamic Separators allowed the project to meet all stormwater standards while not altering the greater vision for the site layout.”

When looking at the constructability of the stormwater system, StormBrixx is able to reduce total installation time through the reduction of labor.  Not only does the system improve construction speed through its patented brick-bonding, it also eliminates the need for heavy machinery since each piece is easily handled by hand.  Along with decreased installation time, the StormBrixx system eliminates the need for stone filler, saving storage space and trucking cost on the job-site.  The optimization of time and space improved the build efficiency of the project significantly.


A crucial question when getting approval from the municipality was “how do we access and maintain the underground system?”.  Adams County’s regulations require access for maintenance every 50’ within the footprint of the detention system. The patented Access Chambers allowed the design to meet the county’s regulations, as well as serve as the outlet structure for the entire detention system. Two precast inlet structures were also used to accept the larger inlet pipes.  Due to StormBrixx unique modular design, these structures were simply “brick-bonded” into the footprint of the system.  Since the StormBrixx system is an open cell structure, the maintenance requires simple CCTV and jetting equipment to sustain.

All in all, the TruStile stormwater system was an immense success due to the utilization of StormBrixx.  The innovative design resulted in savings on time, footprint, equipment, and labor while still meeting all the mandatory requirements.   Moving forward, StormBrixx will continue to help improve the fundamentals of stormwater management.


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