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Foothills Mall Redevelopment

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Duraslope Trench Drain System provides a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing alternative to storm pipe systems.

The Foothills Mall in Fort Collins, Colorado was undergoing a multi-million dollar facelift that will see the mall receive new flooring, new ceilings, skylights, a movie theater and open air seating. The large indoor mall will be converted into a modern outdoor mall area that will be approximately 74 acres in size.


Fort Collins, Colorado

Project Partners

Owner: Alberta Development Partners
Consultant: RA Smith National
Contractor: Belair Sitework Services
Completion Date: February 2015


The client required an aesthetically pleasing trench drain solution to manage water drainage between the outdoor retail shops. The trench drain needed to blend in with the architecture while being able to handle the sheet flow volume on site.


Nilex provided the client with the NDS Duraslope Trench Drain System. The system is a series of light weight, modular, neutral and pre-sloped sections manufactured from HDPE. It is a durable alternative to concrete channel.


The Duraslope Trench Drain System was less difficult to install than traditional trench drains as it did not require any form work, clamps or screws. The Duraslope Trench Drain system was easily installed by hand which eliminated the need for heavy equipment that would have been required for a storm pipe drainage system with a catch basin inlet.


The NDS Duraslope Trench Drain System provided the client with a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing alternative to a storm pipe system. The lightweight product was easily installed between the outdoor retail shops at the Foothills Mall.


The Nilex Advantage

Nilex is committed to unearthing better results. Whether it’s for a civil, resource or environmental project, we offer the latest engineered and technically superior materials and techniques to save our customers time and money, and minimize the need to move or remove earth, and reduce the need for granular materials.

With over 35 years experience, a long-standing commitment to the environment and highly qualified staff, Nilex delivers the products and technologies that give clients an economic advantage with environmental benefit.

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