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Water Inflated Dams

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Double Dam and Triple Dam water inflated barriers for civil construction cofferdams and flood mitigation.

Double Dam and Triple Dam water inflated barriers for civil construction cofferdams and flood mitigation.


Nilex's water inflated dams - Double Dam and Triple Dam - are water-inflated temporary dams that provide an economical, effective and safe alternative to conventional dam methods such as sand bags, earthen berms and mechanical barriers. They accommodate construction worksite dewatering, flood control and other critical, rapid-deployment situations that require effective spill containment.

Typical Applications



Double Dam features a single internal stabilizing panel to provide safety and stability for sizes up to 4' (1.2m) high.


Triple Dam features two internal stabilizing panels to provide safety and stability for all sizes from 5' (1.5m) up to 8' (2.4m) high.


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