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Teranap Bituminous Geomembrane

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Nilex is proud to the Exclusive Distributor in Canada and areas of the US.

Reliability. Efficiency. Practicality. Three characteristics that are desirable in any construction product. But when you are talking about geomembrane applications, these three characteristics take on a whole new significance.

The sheer scale of some geomembrane applications underscores this point. Lining canals, reservoirs, and ponds full of millions of gallons of water is serious business. And even on applications that are smaller in scale, the impact of a waterproofing problem can be enormous.

When looking for a solution for such a challenge, you must feel confident in the product you choose and the company that manufactures it. Throughout Europe and North America, governments, and private and public businesses have chosen Siplast Teranap for their most demanding geomembrane applications.

The Siplast story of uncompromising quality and commitment to our customers begins over half a century ago with an innovation that would change the commercial roofing and waterproofing industry. In the 1960s, working with Shell Chemical of Europe, Siplast developed styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) modified bitumens. We found that by properly modifying asphalt with SBS, we could produce a highly durable elastomeric blend with exceptional elongation/recovery properties over a wide range of temperatures. The development of Teranap, an elastomeric bitumen geomembrane manufactured using this scientifically engineered blend, soon followed.

Since then, Teranap Geomembrane has earned a successful performance record as the high-performance waterproofing solution for irrigation canals, dams, wastewater storage, fountains, reservoirs, and ponds. Because Teranap Geo-membrane has an NSF Potable Approval, it is also suitable for use in potable water storage applications. 

The elastomeric modified bitumen blend allows Teranap to remain flexible over time, to relax and quickly conform to substrate contours, and to withstand settlement changes in the subgrade.


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