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Loose-Fit Tank Lining System

Loose-fit liners can be designed for virtually any containment structure, such as steel, concrete, wood or other constructed vessel. These structures contain hydrocarbon and petroleum products, extremely corrosive and high temperature chemicals, acid or alkaline and waste fluids as well as water and water-based products. Nilex’s tank lining systems are quickly and easily applied, keeping installation costs to a minimum. They dramatically reduce the expense of ongoing maintenance and repair.

In most regulatory jurisdictions, a loose-fit lining system can extend the inspection intervals of the structure.

Four Main Elements of the Nilex Loose-Fit Tank Lining System

Nilex Loose-Fit Tank Lining System

  1. Compression System
    Provides a leak-proof seal around the perimeter of the tank, tank penetration columns, ladders, manways, and nozzles using a variety of compression techniques that Nilex has developed to deal with any size or configuration. The compression system can be installed at any height on the tank wall, above or below the liquid level.

  2. Monitoring System
    Provides continuous monitoring of the contained product against leaks.

  3. Geomembrane Liner
    Liner is chosen based on the fluid type and temperature.

  4. Geotextile Layer
    Protects the tank liner from the imperfections of the tank walls such as cracks, small holes, bolts, rivets, and jagged edges. It creates a transmissive layer that becomes the interstitial space between the tank and the liner. The interstitial space is monitored to ensure containment.

Tank Lining Materials

Tank liners have been made possible through the development of sheet plastic materials that can withstand the corrosive chemicals and heat conditions in hydrocarbon and related chemical environments to provide strength and reliability. These sheet materials can be fabricated and welded to suit a large variety of tank designs. The tank liner and systems are fabricated and installed by Nilex from one or more of the following products:

In the case of concrete structures, many regulatory jurisdictions no longer recognize concrete as a primary containment device. Existing concrete tanks or trenches must be lined with a geosynthetic liner which can be monitored to prove containment. New concrete installations must include the liner and monitoring.

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