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Nilex ECO2 Calculator

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Calculate your economic and environmental advantage.

Nilex offers the latest engineered and technically superior materials and techniques to save customers time and money; minimize the need to move or remove earth; and reduce the need for granular materials. But how much does the use of geosynthetic products really save you and the environment?

Nilex’s ECO2 Calculator has the answer.

Nilex's third-party validated and proprietary ECO2 Calculator is designed to quantify the environmental and economic benefits of using geosynthetic materials in civil, resource and environmental construction projects. Based on your project specifications, the Nilex ECO2 Calculator provides a direct comparison between recommended Nilex products and traditional methods.

The Nilex ECO2 Calculator compares the use of Nilex Geogrids & Geotextiles, Turf Reinforcement Mats or Hard Armor (e.g., ArmorFlex) versus conventional roadway construction and erosion control practices. This comparison includes Total CO2 Emissions, Percentage CO2 Savings, as well as a comparison of material, transportation, mobilization, excavation and placement costs to estimate potential project cost savings*.

Don't just take our word for it.

These are only a few examples of our many projects which have resulted in significant cost savings and reductions in carbon emissions by using our technologies.

Calculate your project savings now.

Get FREE access today. To get the most accurate comparison, a Nilex representative can also walk you through the calculator - entering specific project related information, including project location, material costs, products used, installation costs, and more. Once all of the data has been entered, the Nilex ECO2 Calculator will calculate and summarize your cost savings and environmental benefits immediately.

We can also walk you through a sample project if you don't have project details available.

Contact us for a complete demonstration.

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* The ECO2 Calculator's calculations and data sources are all validated by the Delphi Group – a strategic consultancy and solution provider specializing in climate change and corporate sustainability.


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