Nilex offers various innovative Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) and Reinforced Steepened Slope (RSS) systems for grade-separation challenges. These engineered solutions provide clients with an array of possibilities with respect to aesthetics and facing inclination, allowing for the most cost-effective use of land while achieving maximum architectural and environmental value. We offer proven economical alternatives to traditional grade-separation building materials and practices that incorporate high-performance geosynthetic products and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) soil reinforcement systems.

Nilex MSE systems can be designed to address technical challenges such as potential for differential settlement and seismic activity, heavy loading and non-standard backfill materials. Our dedicated MSE Division specializes in the delivery of MSE systems of all types in all market segments. Our MSE systems include reinforcement, facing and drainage materials, design and support services.

ECOWrap - Reinforced Low Height Walls
ECORock - Reinforced Rock Face Walls
ECOTemp - Reinforced Temporary Walls
ECOSlope - Reinforced Turf Slope Stabilization
ECOCell - Reinforced Walls Based On Cell Structures
ECOGreen - Reinforced Medium Height Walls With Vegetation
Our ECOTech System is available across Canada and the United States!


Nilex offers hard surface, green and wire faced retaining wall systems for residential, commercial and industrial building sites requiring grade separation solutions. Our systems provide long-term durability, structural integrity, efficient installation, and many aesthetic options. Nilex...

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When designing or constructing approach walls, you have options. Nilex offers various vegetated slopes, hard surfaced walls, and wire walls that incorporate High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) geogrids for long term stability, satisfying the toughest grade separation challenges. These systems are...

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Bridge abutments pose numerous challenges that test their reliability including traffic, settlement, and dynamic events such as earthquakes. This challenge further intensifies with the need to ensure long term durability; particularly in the presence of road salts (de-icing), or aggressive...

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Nilex’s vegetated Reinforced Steepened Slopes (RSS) solution provides the flexibility to build any slope angle, allowing designers to strike a balance between the use of valuable land and the cost savings found in building a non-vertical grade separation system. It is a complete and fully...

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Temporary walls are required when contractors need to stage construction projects for purposes of traffic diversion, pre-loading poor foundation soils, or creating temporary construction work areas. Contractors demand and require field flexibility to control workforce activities which are...

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The City of Langley undertook the replacement and expansion of the Nicomekl Bridge which is part of the Fraser Highway. The design build project included replacing the existing two lane wooden bridge (constructed in the 1960’s) with a new four lane bridge, constructed out of concrete and…



Get FREE access now! Using the Nilex ECO2 Calculator, you can calculate the economic savings and environmental benefits achieved by implementing our engineered geosynthetic materials – geogrids and geotextiles – in any road construction design versus conventional materials and methods.