The stormwater management system maximizes parking space.

The development of the new Lowe’s hardware store at Cross Iron Mills Mall was faced with strict guidelines for managing their parking lot stormwater run-off. The Municipal District of Rockyview provided a mandate that the store needed to contain the stormwater run-off and infiltrate it back into the ground water system.


Calgary, Alberta


Stormwater Chambers

Project Partners

  • Owner: Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse
  • Consultant: Urban Systems, E2K Engineering
  • Contractor: Contour Earth Moving
  • Completion Date: October 2009


The challenge was to incorporate a stormwater storage system that would not compromise the maximum parking space and would be sufficient to hold the overflow of precipitation from the parking area.


Nilex, along with the supplier and E2K Engineering designed the stormwater management system using HVLV V8 chambers. The chambers replace conventional stormwater retention/detention systems such as ponds, swales, pipe and stone trenches, or concrete structures. The system requires no maintenance, is offered in a variety of sizes to accommodate almost any site constraint.


The site was prepped and excavated for the placement of the V8 chambers beneath the parking areas. 307 m3 of storage was required for bed number one and 172 m3 of storage for bed number two. The chambers were placed according to the supplier’s design, stone was poured on top, then a compaction material was placed to the proper design elevation.


Lowe’s Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan along with Nilex’s recommended stormwater management system meets municipal requirements in regards to controlling run-off during construction, proving to be an environmental benefit to the city’s stormwater system.

The stormwater chambers also eliminated the need for a stormwater pond, acting as a substitute, catching run-off water before infiltrating it back into the groundwater.


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