Nilex's water inflated dams provide an economical and safe alternative to conventional dam methods.

The City of Edmonton was developing a new subdivision in southwest Edmonton — Keswick on the River — representing one of the last pieces of riverfront real estate in the City’s prestigious community of Windermere. The contract for the Keswick subdivision included the construction of a stormwater outfall discharging into the North Saskatchewan River.


Edmonton, Alberta


  • Water Inflated Dams

Project Partners

  • Owner: City of Edmonton
  • Consultant: Stantec
  • Contractor: Raywalt Construction Ltd.
  • Completion Date: September 2013


The North Saskatchewan River is a major waterway with varying depths, fast flows and strict environmental monitoring requirements providing a unique challenge to the construction of the stormwater outfall. The client required a temporary cofferdam solution which would allow them to complete their work within a narrow window. With no previous experience installing a cofferdam, the client was looking for on-site expertise to ensure safe installation.


The client approached Nilex for a temporary solution that would allow them to complete the portion of their work adjacent to the North Saskatchewan River. Nilex recommended water inflated temporary dams that provide an economical and safe alternative to conventional dam methods such as sand bags, earthen berms and mechanical barriers. These water inflated dams utilize a unique system with internal restraint baffles that allow it to stand alone without external mechanical stabilization. The system can be installed in multiple segments which makes it easier to install and remove than monolithic cofferdam systems. Nilex also provided a custom fabricated woven silt curtain for sediment control in the river while the work was being performed.


As this was the first time the contractor had used the water inflated dam system, Nilex contracted the manufacturer to provide an on-site consultant for the installation. The consultant remained on-site to ensure the water inflated dam was installed quickly and safely. The system was installed in two days by a crew of seven. Nilex conducted a site visit post-installation to verify that the cofferdam was performing safely as required.


Nilex’s recommended solution allowed the client to complete their work within the time frame and environmental guidelines provided by the Municipal and Provincial regulators. Using water inflated dams eliminated the environmental impact the alternative solution, earthen berm, would have had due to its construction. The water inflated dam was supplied in multiple segments which will allow it to be re-used on future projects.



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