Erosion control system provides permanent solution.

The community of Janvier is part of the MD of Wood Buffalo and is located approximately 100 km south of Fort McMurray.


Janvier, Alberta


  • Turf Reinforcement Mats
  • Erosion Control Blankets
  • GeoRidge®

Project Partners

  • Owner: MD of Wood Buffalo
  • Completion Date: August 2009


During spring run-off, the community was experiencing extensive erosion control problems along the slopes one of their roadways. Each year, the MD of Wood Buffalo would reshape the slopes but the following spring, run-off would cause sluffing in the ditches.

The MD also tried installing larger rip rap each year to try and slow the velocities, however this did not stop the erosion process. These traditional erosion control measureswere ineffective and over time, the road was becoming too narrow and was becoming unsafe for travel. The MD was now looking for a more effective erosion control system that would ultimately hold the bank in place and restore vegetation.


Nilex recommended an erosion control system that included the installation of North American Green’s Turf Reinforcement Mat C350 and long-term Erosion Control Blanket C125, and Nilex’s GeoRidge® check dams. Turf reinforcement mats will provide long-term erosion protection and assist in the establishment of vegetation, while permanently reinforcing vegetation for applications where the forces exerted by water and wind exceed the shear limits of unreinforced vegetation. The installation of erosion control blankets on the slopes will assist in the establishment of vegetation.

GeoRidge check dams act as energy dissipaters, reducing flow velocities causing silt and sediment to settle upstream of the application, minimizing downstream erosion.


The channel was reshaped and seed was broadcast beneath the Erosion Control Blankets in May 2009. The turf reinforcement mat was installed in the mail flow area of the channel and the long-term erosion control blankets were installed up the side slopes above the mats. Nilex Georidge was installed n the channel to slow down the velocities of the water to further protect the channel.


This erosion control system provides a permanent erosion control solution which will perform better than rock, even when in an unvegetated state.

The County will not have to go back every year to reshape the slopes and replace the rock, resulting in a cost savings as well as reducing the environmental impact of hauling and installing new rock every year which is a non-renewable resource.



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