1)  Why should I have a career at Nilex?
2)  What do Nilex employees enjoy most about their job?
3)  What do Nilex employees most appreciate about Nilex? We asked some of our employees to provide answers to these questions.Here’s what they had to say…


Title: Inside Sales Representative, Edmonton, AB. Canada
Nilexian Since: 2016

Becoming an Inside Sales Representative in the geosynthetic industry is not a career I would have guessed for myself. Nilex is committed to developing their people, and they want to see you succeed. Our leaders are supportive and approachable – at Nilex you work hard, but with our great people, you still have fun!


Title: Project Manager, Edmonton, AB. Canada
Nilexian Since: 2013

You achieve great satisfaction if your job can help someone have a better future, what if your job could help the whole nation have a better environment? At Nilex we help protect the environment by providing ​engineering ​solutions that require less non-renewable resources as well as reduce carbon emissions, compared to traditional building methods. And I’m a proud member of the team that make this happen. As a proud Construction Project Manager for Nilex, my job is exciting, it is one that combines management with leadership. Every new project brings in a set of new challenges and as I turn it over to clients, it leaves me with more confidence, experience and positive additions to my skills and techniques. What distinguishes Nilex is the family atmosphere that rules the behavior of all employees; you can feel it directly when you step into our office. As I commute to work daily, I feel I’m going to my second home. No matter what role they perform, Nilex employees are friendly, hard working and always willing to help. They do their job with dignity and passion.


Title: Warehouse/Yard Coordinator, Calgary, AB, Canada
Nilexian Since: 2018

I feel being part of the Nilex team is a “Dream come true”. We work as a team to help the underserved and in return it makes me feel good about what I do for others. Every hour is as diverse as every day. People genuinely care about our customers and work together as a team. Every day I get the opportunity to meet people and understand the value of their busy lives. Additionally, the tasks are personally challenging and match my career goals. I love being a Nilexian because I work with such great people!


Title: Inside Sales Representative – Vaughan, ON., Canada
Nilexian Since: 2014

I have been with Nilex for over 5 years and I would not change anything, If asked again I would choose Nilex over and over. To work at Nilex it’s like being a part of a small community who pride themselves on putting customers first.


Title: Office Manager, Denver, CO, USA
Nilexian Since: 2013

Nilex is a company you can be proud to work for, we care about the success of both the employee and the customer. You truly are part of a global team, you’ll find support at the local and corporate levels from great co-workers and leaders. While the work is challenging, it’s also fun and interesting and you can feel good about the difference you’re making in the world around you.


Title: Technical Sales Representative, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Nilexian Since: 2014

Coming from a family-owned business I was very hesitant to come to Nilex. Would it be the environment I am used t? The closeness with others in the company that I needed. The vested interest in me succeeding and not just the business succeeding. I am proud to say that every one of these is what Nilex is. From the tools and systems to the work-life balance, Nilex makes you want to succeed. Nilex lives by the moto unearthing better results. That includes their employees. I love interacting with customers. We are not a transactional company and care more about the person buying the item than just the item itself. Customers become friends and that’s how it should always be.