The Vmax SC250 Turf Reinforcement Mat provides aesthetic permanent armoring for a steep drainage channel.

The widening of Northglenn Colorado’s busy 112 Avenue corridor resulted in a narrowing of its adjoining drainage channel. The narrowing required permanent stabilization for banks with a new 2:1 side slope. The channel redesign included two intersections and drop structures along its 4,000 linear-foot (1,219 linear meter) length.


Northglenn, Colorado


  • Turf Reinforcement Mats

Project Partners

  • Owner: City of Northglenn
  • Consultant: Bowman Consulting
  • Contractor: Earth Works Supply
  • Completion Date: October 2015


It can be difficult to establish vegetation on steep 2:1 slopes, which are also at increased risk for erosion, since narrower channels create faster flows. The installation of erosion control had to occur alongside other General Contractor widening work, and the chosen material had to look as natural as possible, relative to its surroundings. All work had to be done without interrupting traffic flow in the other lanes.


Turf Reinforcement Mats were a natural choice for this project, based on the need to permanently stabilize the slopes through revegetation. The mats have a thin profile, require minimal on-site laydown space, and can be easily installed with small crews. These factors were all critical in a busy construction area with other trades at work all around. The North American Green line of rolled erosion control products that Nilex supplies in Colorado has a range of options, including the UV-stabilized Vmax SC250 with straw and coconut mix that blended well with the area’s semi-arid yellow/light brown vegetation.

VMax permanent mats combine a threedimensional matting with a fiber matrix material, for a combination of shear stress strength and vegetation development from germination to maturity.


The 4,000 linear-foot long channel required 8,000 square yards (6, 689 m2) of SC250 Vmax, which is supplied in 6.5’-wide rolls of 55.5’ length (2m, 17m). It took a crew of four most of nine days to complete the install. The mats were trenched at the top of bank, and anchored with wire staples.


East 112 Avenue was effectively widened without impacts from stormwater drainage or erosion thanks to the installation of an appropriate and effective turf reinforcement mat on its new steep-bank drainage channel.

The Vmax SC250 provided an aesthetic permanent armoring system that encourages vegetation and can withstand flow levels consistent with this area. Turf Reinforcment Mats can be installed with smaller crews and with less environmental impact than channel-lining rock options like rip-rap.


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