Highway construction costs are reduced using biaxial geogrid.

The Clarke Lake Road bypass was constructed to divert truck traffic from residential areas and provide a shorter alternate route for industry traffic.


Fort Nelson, British Columbia


  • Biaxial (BX) Geogrids
  • Biaxial (BX) Geogrids – USA

Project Partners

  • Owner: BC Ministry of Transportation
  • Consultant: AMEC Americas Ltd. & Thurber Engineering
  • Completion Date: Winter 2004


The new four kilometre, two-lane road was to be constructed over an undeveloped area of vegetation overlying soft clay. Complicating the project was a short, three month window for design and construction of the road due to weather constraints. The owner wanted to keep transport and material costs under control by using an alternative to aggregate-intensive construction methods.


With the assistance of Nilex and Tensar Earth Technologies, and using Tensar’s SpectraPave2 software (for subgrade improvement and cost benefit analysis), the owner and engineers were able to evaluate the benefits of incorporating Tensar® Biaxial (BX) Geogrid reinforcement into the road structure.

BX Geogrid’s unique grid structure holds and confines granular particles, effectively interlocking it into place. As the grid strengthens, the granular platform stiffens by keeping aggregate in position. This improves roadway performance and reinforces benefits generated at the onset of traffic loading.


The initial analysis using SpectraPave2 software called for Tensar BX1100 geogrid. This design provided an 80 mm reduction in gravel thickness over the conventional, non-reinforced design. Further analysis demonstrated that applying BX1200 in place of BX1100 would shave an additional 100 mm from the gravel section.

BX1100 bears the same capacity and serviceability as a thicker, unreinforced fill but uses less reinforced aggregate material, saving the Ministry of Transportation 180 mm in aggregate, and $200,000 in material costs.



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