Golf course drainage problem solved using Multi-Flow and French Drain system.

Having been developed from an old streambed, the 15th hole, is a natural drainage area for the Carnmoney golf course. The soil, medium plastic clay, was high in silt content creating a waterbed effect during heavy to moderate rain storms.


Calgary, Alberta


  • Multi-Flow™

Project Partners

  • Owner: Carnmoney Golf & Country Club
  • Contractor: Scope Waterscapes
  • Completion Date: October 2003


The challenge was to provide a system that could lower the water table and effectively drain rain from the fairway. There were three major drainage issues concerning the 15th hole. The first, was to isolate the hole from other contributing areas. Second, a French Drain system was installed 36” below the fairway using 200 mm perforated pipe and a nonwoven geotextile, providing a conduit for the excessively high water table to drain. The final concern was to find a system that could quickly react to rainfall throughout the fairway and provide a dry playable surface for the members.


Multi-Flow™ Prefabricated Drain system’s enclosed circular flow channels allow for rapid flow rates and, its large surface area enables water to quickly enter the system, making it the perfect choice for Carnmoney’s drainage problems. Installed in a modified herringbone pattern, over 600 m of 12” Multi-Flow was used for maximum drainage.


Within two days of installing the French Drain system, there was a significant reduction (100 mm) in the water table at the test holes. A consistent flow of clean, filtered water was created at the French Drain outlet, emptying into the water hazard. Heavy rainfall occurred within a few days of the Multi-Flow installation and areas on the 15th fairway that previously collected water, did not. With the drainage systems in place, the fairway has remained playable during rainfall events and members of the Carnmoney Golf & Country Club continue to enjoy a consistent and reliable playing turf.


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