Concrete Cloth provides an affordable solution for an eroded hard-to-access residential slope. (only available in the US)

After a period of heavy rainfall, a Boulder, Colorado, homeowner discovered severe erosion in his backyard at the end of his leach field (also known as a septic drain field). He had to find a way to repair this damage and stop it from happening again; nearly half of his lawn had dropped three feet below grade.


Boulder, Colorado


  • Concrete Cloth

Project Partners

  • Owner: Private Residence
  • Consultant: Nilex Inc.
  • Contractor: Green Earth Environmental
  • Completion Date: July 2016


It was important to find a solution that would be quick to install, to avoid further erosion from the vulnerable soil ledge left behind. The narrow access to the backyard made it impractical for access by heavy equipment, which might otherwise be used during installation. Product selection had to achieve both geotechnical stability and erosion control. Since the project was funded solely by the homeowner, cost control was also important.


During consultations, Nilex learned the client had considered boulder reinforcement or a retaining wall. Since revegetation of the eroded area wasn’t a concern, a combination of Concrete Cloth and earth anchors was proposed and accepted. This combination proved 75% cheaper than a retaining wall and would be considerably faster to install.

Nilex was able to provide the material, connect the homeowner with a dependable experienced contractor and conduct a site inspection after the work was complete.


Nilex worked closely with the homeowner and contractor to ensure the solution was right for the homeowner’s needs. Once the details were finalized, the first step for the contractor in stabilizing the weakened area was to bring in more soil and establish a 1:1 gradient where the lawn had been reduced to a sheer vertical drop. Once complete, the Concrete Cloth was laid in two overlapping rows and anchored before being hydrated to complete its armoring properties. The total install of 150 ft2 took three workers less than two days to complete and required no heavy equipment.


The consultative approach Nilex used on this project helped the client realize a lasting hard armor solution that was quick to install and significantly less expensive than other options.

The Concrete Cloth and anchors stabilized the immediate erosion issues on this site and helped ensure the homeowner doesn’t need to worry about this problem reoccuring.


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