BIG RED INLET PROTECTOR (only available in the US)

The Big Red Filter is a durable, reusable, and environmentally friendly inlet protector that filters sediment from runoff before it enters the inlet. There are no pockets to fill, no velcro bags, no assembly, etc. Simply place it in front of the inlet, making sure it lays in the contour and it is done.

Simple installation also translates into simple removal for cleanup and re-use at the next project or phase. Maintenance is simple as well by lifting the unit from the inlet, shaking the mud off of it, removing the sediment on the concrete, and placing the unit back. If it is severely filled with sediment, wash it out in a vegetated area and it is as good as new. Big Red comes in 54” long for single curb inlets and 104” lengths for double curb inlets.