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Soil Reinforcement


In grade separation applications, Uniaxial Geogrids (UX) are used to help soils stand at virtually any desired angle; from 0 to 90 degrees. Geogrids can be combined with a wide variety of facing elements in retaining wall and slope applications to produce the desired structural or aesthetic conditions for any project.

Nilex offers a range of geogrid options to compliment any Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) application, including:
Steepened Slopes: Vegetated and Wrapped Faced; Walls: Permanent and Temporary; Segmented Retaining Walls; Void Spanning; Veneer Reinforcement; Soil Reinforcement; and Landfills


Geogrids for MSE

Nilex geogrids can be used in most MSE applications for soil reinforcement including internally reinforced soil walls, segmental retaining wall reinforcement, steep reinforced slopes, and reinforcement in a variety of landfill applications including potential voids bridging and veneer...

The MSE Walls & Slopes Specialist

Dan MacDonald, P.Eng.

MSE Walls and Slopes Specialist

Dan has 25 years of diverse technical experience within highway infrastructure, consulting, underground mining, and hydro-electric tunnelling. He has specific expertise on design-build / partnership projects as well as expertise in all construction facets of Mechanically Stabilized Earth walls and slopes.

Our specialists are experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of their application area. They function across all Nilex regions and can provide assistance in determining the best solution for the challenges you face at any stage of a project. Just another way of knowing you've made a smart choice.

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