Construction Services

Nilex Construction Inc. provides construction/installation services for liner containment systems, tank lining, and erosion control drainage applications and other various projects where geosynthetics and geo-environmental products are utilized.

The specialized nature of these technologies have provided the unique opportunity for Nilex to develop technical skills, build and acquire specialized equipment and train qualified technical staff required to carry out these geosynthetic installation services.

Nilex works as a subcontractor, general contractor or joint venture partner, all depending on the project's size, the nature of the work and owners requirements.

The Nilex Construction Group is fully equipped to handle the execution of any size project involving geosynthetics, whether local or international. Please contact our Nilex Construction staff located in our Edmonton and Calgary offices.


Geomembrane Installation

With over 25 years experience in geomembrane containment technology, Nilex Construction Inc. offers a complete design assistance, fabrication, installation and construction service for geosynthetic components of all containment structures.

Tank Lining

Tank Liner

Nilex's Tank Liner Division has more than 18 years of experience and over 1000 liners installed, often as alternatives to conventional tank replacement or refurbishment activities.

Erosion Control


Nilex specializes in the installation of fabric formed concrete revetments which are double layered, high strength geotextile mattress structures pumped full with a highly fluid concrete mix.