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Rail Structures


The American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association (AREMA) has recognized the value of geogrid technology for trackbed stabilization by including a chapter on geogrid in its 2010 Manual for Railway Engineering. Several factors including, but not limited to, car weights, car velocity, tie type and dimensions contribute to the design of the trackbed, which would incorporate specific loading and subgrade conditions.
Nilex can provide cost effective alternatives to traditional construction methods, such that the developed design trackbed sections are in full compliance to AREMA guidelines, together with pavement sections for intermodal facilities.


Ballast Stabilization & Optimization

For all classes of railways Nilex’s geogrids provide a proven solution to ballast reinforcement and optimization. Structures can fail prematurely due to the lateral displacement and weakening of the ballast fouling. The structural strength provided by Nilex’s geogrid products can allow for...

Sub-Ballast Stabilization

Often poor subgrade soils do not possess the strength to support trackbed construction activities and the subsequent AREMA requirements. Installed at the bottom of the sub-ballast, Nilex’s subgrade separation and stabilization geosynthetic materials help distribute imposed loads more...

Jet Rental Company Adds Strength to New Tarmac

Tac Air, a private jet rental company, had begun construction on its new tarmac at the Salt Lake City International Airport when they ran into some serious problems with the underlying sub-base. In order to reach grade and not over excavate the site they chose to go with Nilex’s Mirafi...

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The Roads and Rail Specialist

Karan (KJ) Jalota, P.Eng

Roads Specialist

Karan (KJ) Jalota is a professional engineer who has specialized in geotechnical engineering for the past 15 years. He is experienced in evaluating the effects of soil-structure interaction for both public and private owners. KJ's role is to work with the engineering community to assist in providing solution derivation for roads during a pursuit or while a project is ongoing.

Our specialists are experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of their application area. They function across all Nilex regions and can provide assistance in determining the best solution for the challenges you face at any stage of a project. Just another way of knowing you've made a smart choice.

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