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TriAx® Geogrids

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NEW - TriAx TX8 Geogrid Now Available

TriAx Geogrid is a revolutionary product from Tensar. The triangular structure of TriAx Geogrid, coupled with the increased rib thickness and junction efficiency, greatly improves aggregate interlock and confinement – leading to optimal structural performance of the stabilized layer. TriAx Geogrid is manufactured from a punched polypropylene sheet oriented in multiple, equilateral directions to form its triangular aperture, resulting in high radial stiffness throughout the full 360 degrees. This feature yields a more efficient product that delivers optimal in-service stress transfer from the aggregate to the stabilizing geogrid. 

TriAx Geogrid delivers performance in three dimensions:

Research indicates that TriAx Geogrid can reduce aggregate base/sub-base requirements by up to 60%. Nilex can calculate the economic and environmental savings achieved by implementing our engineered geosynthetic materials - geogrid and geotextiles - in any road construction design using our proprietary and validated Innovation Calculator (versus conventional road construction methods).

Spectra Improvement System

The Spectra System incorporates TriAx Geogrid as part of an engineered system that consists of technology, engineering, design, and products to create a stabilized pavement structure. In combination with the Spectra System’s engineering and design services, cost-analysis tools and site assistance, TriAx Geogrid provides a simple, reliable, and affordable solution for constructing flexible pavements and rail trackbeds that deliver both reduced construction cost and long-term maintenance needs by mitigating differential settlement, lateral creep, and particle abrasion.

SpectraPave4-ProTM Software

SpectraPave4-Pro* software is an industry-leading analysis tool that leverages over two decades of full-scale research and practical experience. This software accurately predicts the performance of geogrid reinforced and unreinforced structures for both paved and unpaved applications. The software offers two cost analysis tools to evaluate design options for paved and unpaved roads incorporating select types of geogrids. 

SpectraRailTM Software

SpectraRail* software provides geotechnical engineers the most powerful tool available for evaluating design options and optimizing railway systems using Tensar® Geogrids. 

SpectraRail Software enables users to:

  • Evaluate and compare designs for both unstabilized and mechanically stabilized rail roadbeds with comprehensive cost analysis for each alternative
  • Estimate track settlement for a specific level of performance

* Please note, this software is only available in Canada.


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