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Soil Amendments

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A soil amendment is any material added to a soil to improve its physical qualities, such as permeability, water retention, drainage, water infiltration, aeration and structure. A good soil amendement will improve the soils ability to provide nutrients for plant life. Nilex carries a range of natural fertilizers & soil builders for any vegetation establishment project.


Sustane is a natural, long-lasting, fertilizer that is made from renewable, agricultural resources that optimize new plant growth. All Sustane fertilizers are built on a base of aerobically composted turkey litter over a 26-week stabilization process. The end product is safe to use, easy to apply and predictable in plant growth response. 

Sustane compost is blended with natural minerals, sometimes additional humates can be supplemented with beneficial mycorrhizae. After dehydration and granulation, Sustane becomes compost concentrated. It is economical to transport and simple to apply at argonomic rates.

Sustane is universally used in vegetation establishment, land reclamation and construction projects.

TerraVitaTM Hydraulic Growth Medium (HGM)

TerraVita HGM provides a unique and highly effective system for rapid development of topsoil and enhanced long-term vegetation sustainability by using plant root growth stimulants, growth mediums, and biological soil stimulants.


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