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SmartDitch is a leak-free channel lining system engineered to provide consistent and predictable flow rates. Made from proven UV resistant HDPE, SmartDitch has a unique corrugated design which helps regulate the flow of water from flat to steep grades so that the drainage and flow patterns designed are maintained.
SmartDitch can adapt to horizontal and vertical curves and can be installed as an original liner for earthen ditches or over existing concrete-lined ditches. It can be installed easily and in less time than traditional lining systems such as concrete and pipe, and offers significantly lower maintenance costs, combined with versatility. The multiple sizes and fittings make designing for even the most complex situation cost effective and easy. In addition to controlling stormwater run off, the SmartDitch system is often specified to form defined ditches to control erosion and catch loose sediment. SmartDitch is also used for both permanent and temporary applications, and in-ground, as well as above-ground, temporary flow diversions. 


  • Drainage
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Land development
  • Irrigation/agriculture
  • Industrial site containment systems
  • Landfill drainage systems
  • Temporary flow diversions
  • Clean water and contaminated water diversion system


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