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Sierra Slope®

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The Sierra Slope Retention System is a fully integrated mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) solution that incorporates natural vegetation, maximizing the use of valuable land and enhancing property values with naturally vegetated, graffiti-resistant facing options such as plantable sod, hydroseeding, native vegetation and bioengineering.  The Sierra Slope reinforced soil slope (RSS) solution significantly reduces materials and installation costs by eliminating costly concrete facing material, minimizing fill requirements and allowing the use of on-site fills. As a result, they typically cost between 30 to 60 per cent less than traditional concrete wall systems. 
Sierra Slopes are very versatile, can be configured into different curves or face angles. For reinforced steepened slope (RSS) applications exceeding 45 degrees, welded wire forms and a geogrid wrapped face are used in conjunction with erosion control products to provide additional facial stability. 

The basic components of the Sierra Slope system include:

  • Tensar Uniaxial Geogrids which create a reinforced soil mass
  • Tensar Biaxial Geogrids provide secondary reinforcement to ensure surficial stability of the slope structure
  • A site-specific facing system provides a multiple of aesthetic facing options, including bio-engineering (In Canada only: dimensions for Sierra Slope Welded Wire Forms (when required) are 508mm x 508mm x 3048mm (20” x 20” x 120"))
  • Step Wall


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