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The PaveDrain system is a permeable articulating concrete block/mat developed to effectively manage stormwater runoff. It combines a patented arch design in a concrete block to create an internal storage chamber. The arch forms a reservoir for stormwater runoff while simultaneously providing strength for heavy vehicular loads.
PaveDrain provides infiltration, storage, conveyance and a paving surface all in one sustainable product. When combined, these features allow for a reduction or elimination in stormwater infrastructure costs while minimizing environmental impact. The PaveDrain system is a critical component of Low Impact Development (LID).

Infiltration Report

The PaveDrain system was tested in accordance with ASTM C1701/C1701M-09 by an independent third party engineering firm. The test was conducted on a PaveDrain project that had not been maintained for 18 months and still infiltrated in excess of 4,000 inches/hour per one foot diameter.

Maintenance & Repair

The PaveDrain system requires very little maintenance as leaves and other biodegradable materials will be broken down by water and air penetrating into the system. If the joints become obstructed by debris, maintenance is completed using a conventional combination sewer vacuum truck and the PaveDrain Vac Head.
If a significant amount of sediment accumulates in the aggregate bedding stone, PaveDrain can easily be removed allowing the subgrade to be cleaned. It is the only permeable product designed to be removed, cleaned and re-installed using all of its original materials. Repair of the individual blocks can be accomplished without removing the (mat) cables.


  • Parking lots
  • Alley ways
  • Residential driveways
  • Intersections
  • Emergency access roads
  • Low speed roadways


Specifications & MSDS

Brochures & White Papers

Installation & Design

Related Products

A geogrid or woven monofilament geotextile layer is strongly recommended below the bottom layer of stone to maintain a clean stone reservoir and enhance structural stability.

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