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The GlasGrid Pavement Reinforcement System is ideal for addressing the rehabilitation challenges of reflective cracking distress on highways, airport aprons, runways and parking lots and dramatically extending pavement life. Roads rehabilitated with the GlasGrid System cost less to construct, require less future maintenance, and ultimately last longer than using thicker asphalt overlays alone.

The GlasGrid System capitalizes on the high tensile stiffness of fiberglass. Its grid configuration features fiberglass strands coated with an elastomeric polymer. Each strand has a remarkably high modulus of elasticity that makes GlasGrid stronger than steel by weight. Placed between the leveling course and the surface course asphalt, the GlasGrid System redirects vertically migrating cracks horizontally to delay them from reaching the surface. With its pressure-activated adhesive backing, GlasGrid is quick and easy to install, with no need for specialized labor.

GlasGrid products installed within an asphalt layer can be milled with traditional equipment and reused in road projects as a recycled asphalt product.

Nilex offers two other Pavement Interlayer Systems:

The GlasGrid Tack Film (GlasGrid TF) Pavement Reinforcement System provides all of the benefits of GlasGrid, without the challenges of applying a conventional tack coat. GlasGrid TF contains a patent-pending, highly engineered film designed to replace the need for a tack coat. The fiberglass grid provides protection against reflective cracking, while the tack film enhances performance of the overlay, resulting in extended life.

With no tack coat emulsion to prepare and apply, owners and installers save on labour, time, and material costs. The tack film, which requires no curing, inhibits grid movement during the paving operation and allows same-day installation of hot mix overlays.

The GlasPave Waterproofing Pavement Mat (GlasPave25) is a unique combination of fiberglass mesh, embedded into high performance polyester mats. The nonwoven matrix structure allows for an asphalt binder to penetrate and fill voids within the fabric to limit moisture infiltration into a pavement structure.

Which product should I choose?

Proper selection of pavement interlayer is critical to ensure the asphalt overlay service life is realized for the intended design.


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