Geogrids improve the structural integrity of soils in roadways, walls and slopes by reinforcing and confining fill materials and distributing load forces. Geogrids are the answer for designers, developers and contractors facing the challenges posed by sloping ground and soft subgrades.

UX Geogrid Wall Application

Geogrids help soils stand at virtually any desired angle in grade separation applications. In retaining wall and slope applications, geogrids can be combined with a wide variety of facing elements to produce the desired aesthetics for any project.

Biaxial (BX) Geogrid Road Application

Geogrids provide support for the construction of access roads, highways, berms, dikes and structure applications that previously required the use of expensive over-excavating or piling methods on weak subgrades. Geogrids are also used in base reinforcement applications to reduce aggregate thickness requirements or extend roadway performance life.


Learn more about Nilex’s three types of geogrids:

Biaxial Geogrids - roads
Uniaxial Geogrids - wall/slope applications
TriAx Geogrids - advanced systems solution for lower cost, increased reliability and longevity for paved and unpaved applications