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Paved Structures


All pavements will wear out over time, even those constructed on firmer subgrades; however, Nilex can help to significantly extend the design life of your pavement structures while lowering construction costs and reducing the amount of aggregate and asphalt used versus conventional construction practices.

With lower maintenance budgets and increasing material costs, road builders and pavement contractors are under escalating pressure to deliver improved performance for less money. Nilex offers a full line of geosynthetic solutions and can provide a complete project evaluation comparing unreinforced applications to geosynthetic reinforced solutions to assist you in making the smart choice.


Pavement Optimization

From yards to haul roads to major roadways, Nilex’s geogrids provide a proven solution to base reinforcement and pavement optimization. Road structures can fail prematurely due to the lateral displacement and weakening of base course aggregate. The structural strength provided by Nilex’s...

Subgrade Stabilization

Often poor subgrade soils do not possess the strength to support road construction activities and the subsequent intended traffic loads. Nilex’s subgrade separation and stabilization geosynthetic materials maximize load distribution and increase the effective bearing capacity of the subgrade...

Crack Mitigation

Pavement cracking distress on roads, highways, parking lots and airport runways and aprons is a common problem. The intrusion of water through surface cracks and into the base structure accelerates deterioration of the roadway structure. Resurfacing the road can improve the situation but only...

Pikes Peak ACE Fiber FRAP Overlay

Every year since 1916, on the last Sunday in June, America’s Mountain in Colorado, USA, Pikes Peak, is host to The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC), also known as The Race to the Clouds. This annual automobile and motorcycle hill climb to the summit of Pikes Peak is over...

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ECO₂ Calculator

Get FREE access now! Using the Nilex ECO2 Calculator, you can calculate the economic savings and environmental benefits achieved by implementing our engineered geosynthetic materials - geogrids and geotextiles - in any road construction design versus conventional materials and methods.

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ECO₂ Calculator


I want to thank you for getting things organized as quickly as you did for us and for the follow up calls and site visits that allowed us to get this work done and meet our schedule dates for the road work. As well, your product knowledge and ability to provide the technical support when dealing with the consultants was a major help in getting the system approved and installed correctly.

Bob T, Project Manager, MGP Construction Ltd.

Not only was there a substantial cost savings realized by the client, there was also a benefit to the road structure as well. The original design road structure number was 3.780 and a calculated traffic (ESALs) of 2,147,000. The revised road structure number using the TX5 is 4.260 and a calculated traffic (ESALs) of 4,593,000.

Jim B, C.E.T., Senior Project Manager, WSP Canada Inc.

Nilex was an invaluable asset in the successful completion of the Troutbrooke Drive Slope Stabilization project in Toronto, by providing engineering assistance, installation training and continuous on and off site technical support.

Terraprobe Engineering

The CULTEC system was simple to install. We will be recommending, and looking forward to using the Cultec system for future projects.

Kang Construction

We love you guys for getting this project [Energy Environmental Experiential Learning (EEEL) Building Grounds] completed in the timelines required.

S. Chan, EllisDon

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