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Nilex has developed a 100% natural, biodegradable hydromulch which has been designed to aid in vegetation establishment and control erosion on bare soil site conditions ranging from flat, to moderate, to extreme slopes.
MulchMax is a cost effective, high quality method of seeding vegetation for land rehabilitation, reclamation, and erosion control. With its spray-on application, it provides the control to cover difficult, as well as inaccessible areas such as slopes.
MulchMax provides resilient coverage in a fraction of the time required for conventional methods of erosion control establishment, when applied at specified rates.


  • A blend of three fiber types - short stem fibers, wood cellulose, and bast fibers. 
  • Made from organic naturally occurring material.
  •  100% biodegradable.
  •  Fast to load – easy to handle bales.
  •  Mixes easily with water.
  •  Flows smoothly to provide uniform application.
  •  Resilient site coverage.
  •  Rapid vegetation establishment.
  •  100% Canadian made.

Bast Fibers

The key to the performance of MulchMax is bast fibers. Bast fibers are extremely strong plant fibers found only in a few plants throughout the world. Bast fibers are longer, stronger, and more flexible than wood fibers, which allow them to drape over soil and contour more readily and reinforce the soil in a way short, stiff fibers like wood cannot. The performance advantage of bast fibers has been known by the erosion control industry for decades but their strength and flexibility make them notoriously difficult to process. Our unique manufacturing facility has been designed specifically to process bast fibers for erosion control.

MulchMax 101wood (Hydroseeding Mulch)

MulchMax 101wood hydroseeding mulch is the practical solution for standard hydro-seeding requirements where productivity matters. Our proprietary blend of wood and high performance flexible bast fibers allow MulchMax 101wood to closely contour to the soil while maintaining the traditional cover of wood. One bag of MulchMax 101wood goes a long way in the tank with only 90 gallons of water required for every 50lbs bag of mulch.

MulchMax 200 (Slopes - 4:1 to 2:1)

Manufactured from natural wood cellulose fiber mulch and agricultural fibers, with tacking agents added, MulchMax 200 fibers are woven into an intricate soil stabilization formula to promote robust coverage to prevent erosion. The natural fibers break down slowly, protecting the soil for a growing season until vegetation is fully established.

MulchMax Premium & MulchMax Ultra (Extreme Slopes - 3:1 to 2:1 / 2:1 to 1:1+)

Manufactured from natural wood cellulose fiber and the toughest agricultural bast fibers, MulchMax Ultra and MulchMax Premium provide erosion control and rapid vegetation establishment on the steepest slopes. The fibers are woven into an intricate soil stabilization formula to promote complete coverage, when applied at specified rates. MulchMax Premium and MulchMax Ultra are completely biodegradable and yield to vegetation establishment while maintaining extended erosion protection.

With the tackifier combined into the mulch, MulchMax Premium and MulchMax Ultra are cost-effective, one-step applications with high tank loading rates.


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