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The SierraScape Wire-Formed Retaining Wall System is a cost-effective alternative to conventional retaining wall systems, and is the only wire-formed retaining wall system with a positive connection between the wire form and geogrid reinforcement. This connection gives the SierraScape wall system a flexible nature that is well suited for applications prone to differential settlement or seismic activity. 
The following are the three facing options available:
  • Stone – filled with native or imported stone; stone color and size can be specified to meet aesthetic requirements
  • Vegetated – typically incorporating local plant species to complement the surrounding environment. Erosion control products promote vegetation, eliminate erosion and provide long-term reinforcement of the root system
  • Architectural – veneer treated with a stacked stone or a shotcrete-sculpted face

The basic components of the SierraScape system include:

  • Tensar uniaxial geogrids, which create a reinforced soil mass
  • Tensar biaxial geogrids which provide secondary reinforcement and maintain facing alignment during construction
  • Geotextiles help contain fill at face 
  • SierraScape connection rods facilitate the mechanical connection between geogrid and facing unit
  • SierraScape facing units provide facial stability during placement and compaction of the fill material. (Facing unit dimensions: 457mm x 457mm (18" x 18") )
  • Landscaping Parts
Two Stage Walls
When differential settlement is a concern, the SierraScape system has been constructed in two stages. In step one, the SierraScape structure is constructed with a "temporary" soil/fabric facing and allowed to settle over a specified period of time. In step two, a permanent facing (concrete panel or other) is attached after differential settlement has occurred.
Pressure Relief Applications
The SierraScape system can also be used for pressure relief applications to eliminate lateral loads against below-grade structures. SierraScape provides a faster, more affordable alternative to large cast, in place foundations and supports soil and building loads for below-grade construction.


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