Tensar International Takes Legal Action in Canada Against Sherwood Park-based Enviro-Pro Geosynthetics Ltd for Infringement of Tensar TriAx® Geogrid Patent

Tensar International Takes Legal Action in Canada Against Sherwood Park-based Enviro-Pro Geosynthetics Ltd for Infringement of Tensar TriAx® Geogrid PatentATLANTA, GA / EDMONTON, AB – Oct. 8, 2014 – Tensar International has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in Canada against Sherwood Park, Alberta-based Enviro-Pro Geosynthetics Ltd, a reseller of geogrid manufactured in China by Taian Modern Plastics Co Ltd (TMP). The Canada lawsuit is pending in Federal Court in Ottawa.

“We have taken this legal measure in order to enforce our Canada issued patent for TriAx® geogrid,” said Tim Oliver, Tensar VP for Product Management and Technology. “We accuse Enviro-Pro of selling certain products manufactured by TMP in China, sometimes referred to as ‘trigrid’ or ‘quaxial’ geogrid, which have aperture shapes and characteristics that infringe our patent relating to multi-axial geogrids.”

Edmonton-based Nilex Inc is the exclusive supplier and distributor of Tensar geogrid products in Western Canada and Ontario. “We fully support Tensar’s legal action,” said Ian Wilson, Nilex President & CEO. “Protecting patent rights is extremely important in all industries. These laws exist to ensure no one is able to take unfair advantage of the work and ideas of others. Without this kind of protection, companies would be reluctant to invest in new innovations.”

This announcement follows a similar action initiated by Tensar in Germany last week where papers were served on TMP by the local court in Berlin on behalf of the District Court in Dusseldorf where Tensar has filed patent infringement action against TMP.

“We have a proven track record over several decades for investing heavily in innovation in order to develop a technical lead in the market and advance in the geosynthetics industry. Our TriAx® geogrid patents cover a wide range of multi-axial geogrid products, the methods for manufacturing such products, and various uses for these products,” said Don Meltzer, CEO of Tensar. “We will rigorously protect these patents around the world against those that we believe are wrongful imitators or are knowingly selling or using infringing products.”

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