Hardwin Zhen, Nilex; Dan MacDonald, Nilex; John Kerr, Tensar International; and R. Lockwood and J. Lockwood, Lockwood Bros. Concrete Products


2011 Pan-Am CGS Geotechnical Conference

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Nilex 2011 Pan-Am Conference Paper - MSE Walls Northeast Stoney Trail, Calgary, AB (574.67 KB)

The northeast leg of the Stoney Trail was the second phase of the ring road constructed within Calgary, Alberta.

The overall project consisted of 21 kilometres of new highway and 23 bridge structures. Challenges for this project included year round construction coupled with complex geometrics. Architectural Full Height precast panels were selected as the system of choice for the bridge retaining walls, in conjunction with the innovative use of HDPE soil reinforcement. This paper will focus on the key aspects associated with extensible geogrid design for pile supported abutment walls. Maximum wall heights up to 20.35 metres were constructed with the ARES system for this pile supported bridge deck system. The system consisted of approximately 15,296 m2 of architectural wall face, along with 3,393 m2 of soil reinforced abutment seat. Technical considerations relating to panel fabrication, erection, acute angle geometry, along with the typical Canadian challenge of winter construction will be discussed.