Dan MacDonald, Nilex Inc.; John Kerr, Tensar International; J. Lockwood, Western Concrete Products


2009 GEO Halifax

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MSE Retaining Walls, Overlander Bridge Access Improvements White Paper GeoHalifax 2009 (1.91 MB)

The "City of Kamloops" selected an optimized ARES® MSE system comprised of Full Height Panels coupled with HDPE Geogrid Soil Reinforcement.

This paper will discuss the innovative use of geogrid soil reinforcement for what is commonly referred to as "true abutment support", whereby the bridge seat is cast directly upon the compacted MSE mass. The project was challenging from the settlement perspective as founding materials quickly transitioned from bedrock to fills. This paper will focus on the key aspects associated with extensible geogrid design for true abutment support. In addition, it will emphasize the efficiencies associated with full height panel construction in comparison to other alternatives.