Hardwin Zhen, Nilex Inc.


GEO Montreal 2013

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Geosynthetics reinforced MSE wall design and construction on the Southeast Stoney Trail PPP project (590.04 KB)

Geosynthetics were used to reinforce 12,000mof MSE walls for Southeast Stoney Trail (SEST), Alberta's largest single highway project and PPP project.

From Fall of 2010 to late 2012, Nilex Inc. (Nilex) successfully completed the design, panel fabrication and the site assistance of this MSE project. Challenges such as low bearing capacity, insufficient coverage ratio, and top panel misalignment were mitigated through staged design, special construction techniques, multi-discipline team work and proper project management. The anti-chemical characteristics of geosynthetics saved time and cost to prevent the de-icing water from seeping along the wall. The maximum design height was 9.31m for the abutment wall with CSP-cased piles on each abutment spaced at 1500 mm which generally left an effective coverage ratio of 50% behind the abutment. In addition, special customfabricated panels were used to increase the 34% efficient coverage.