Ian Corne, CPESC, M.Land. Arch., B.E.S.


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Erosion control on civil earthwork projects has traditionally been accomplished with Rolled Erosion Control Blankets (RECBs). While RECBs
are technically very effective in providing ground cover, their erosion control effectiveness depends on proper installation. Site grading challenges, installation quality control problems and severely limited budgets all contribute to a nearly universal phenomenon: Improperly installed rolled blankets.

This improper installation results in soil erosion below the blanket, where it goes unnoticed until problematic erosion rills and gullies are formed and require repair.

Nilex MulchMax Ultra is a hydraulically-applied erosion control blanket that can be depended upon to perform in erosion protection without the problems of RECBs. It is Cheaper, Faster, Safer and Better than rolled erosion control blankets.

For projects approximately 3,000 m2 or larger, MulchMax Ultra will be supplied and installed more cost effectively than an RECB, based on labour requirements alone. Likewise, for projects of any size where hydraulic seeding is specified below the rolled blanket, MulchMax Ultra hydraulically applied erosion control blanket will always install more cost-effectively than the rolled blanket.

MulchMax Ultra is installed at rates significantly faster than RECBs. The reasons are simple:

One hectare of MulchMax Ultra can be applied in a single workday with a high-production hydraulic machine. Even larger areas can be treated with
extra-large machines, combined with water tanker support. By comparison, it would take an experienced blanket installation crew of four at least three days to install a similar area.

As a function of being faster to install, jobsite safety is increased; fewer hours on-site equals fewer hours of site risk.


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