September 27, 2016

11:00am - 12:30pm (PDT)
2:00pm - 3:30pm (EDT)
Credits: 1 PDH / 0.1 CEU

What is Concrete-Enhanced Synthetic Turf (CEST)? And… how can you best apply it to your site to capitalize on the environmental benefits of vegetation AND the performance and maintenance of hard armor?

Join speaker Bradford Cooley, PE for a FREE webinar exploring Concrete-Enhanced Synthetic Turf (CEST) revetment systems, including: key elements and applications; installation and design best practices; hydraulic and non-hydraulic performance results; and how you can implement CEST at your site to improve performance and reduce maintenance costs.

In this webinar, we’ll start with a look at Concrete-Enhanced Synthetic Turf (CEST), its key components, considerations, and how it works. Cooley will guide us through the details of its hydraulic and non-hydraulic performance, testing, and its benefits over traditional hard armor revetments (e.g., performance, application, installation, environment, and cost). We’ll then take a look at the real-world applications for CEST, including the armoring of: levees, dams, channels, steep downchutes, outfall structures, slopes, and shorelines. Cooley will walk us through CEST’s key design considerations and installation best practices, and how you can apply these to your projects for implementation success. Finally, Cooley will lead us on a tour of CEST in action, presenting the latest CEST applications, project spotlights, and real-world results.

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