President's Message

Ian Wilson - President, Nilex Inc.

For quite some time we have espoused the three-legged stool of advantages that our materials and technologies provide.  In virtually everything we do we are able to provide our clients with three distinct and concurrent benefits – economic, environmental and technical.

The economic and technical benefits have always been reasonably easy to quantify – the economic benefit being one of dollar savings associated with producing, hauling and placing less granular material and the technical benefit being founded on proven, state-of-practice engineering principles.

The environmental benefit has always been much harder to quantify.  While intuitively one knows that pulling and hauling less gravel and rock from a quarry to build the same amount of road or drainage channel has to be better for our environment, how do you quantify it?

With the introduction of Nilex’s Innovation Calculator we believe we have the answer.

The Innovation Calculator tracks the reduction of carbon produced in projects incorporating geosynthetics in their design versus traditional methods that do not incorporate geosynthetics.  The output generated by the calculator details the CO2 savings at all stages of the project including the production, transportation and placement of both the natural, non-renewable aggregate and the various geosynthetic materials so a fair and accurate comparison can be made.

The results are often, quite frankly, stunning and beg the question “Why would a project owner not want to consider this?”  We urge you to give us an opportunity to show you by contacting our location closest to you.

To our clients who are already realizing the benefits of Nilex’s three-legged stool – Thank you, we appreciate your business.  To those who aren’t clients yet – we hope to be of service soon.

We are proud of what we do at Nilex.  Proud of our people, our community and our company. 

Ian Wilson
President & CEO, Nilex Inc.